1. Passport. You’ll need a current passport that is valid for six months or longer than your planned travel. If you already have a passport, check its expiration date. 2
2. Small toys. If you bring a big toy you might get very tired of carrying it. But if you have a little one you can carry it in your backpack or in your pocket.
3. Drink plenty of water.  It is advisable to drink water at all times, this can help your children no dehydrate. Galapagos weather can become hot and humid.
4. Sandals & sneakers. Bring both sandals and sneakers because you will be on the beach, but you will also be hiking, possibly even up a volcano.
5. Sunblock. Use sunblock every day because the sun is strong on the equator, even on cloudy days.
6. Bring your own camera. Bring your own camera because there are many things you will want to remember with pictures and videos.
7. Bring a sketch book. If you’re in to sketching you could bring a notebook and keep track of all the animals you will see.
8. Insects. In the Galapagos hot season some mosquitoes can appear, a repellent of your preference you might want to bring.
9. Pack light. Think comfort and practicality over style.
10. Medicine.  Your children might have some medicine that is taken often, bring any regular medicine they take.