Comments From Jun 10th-13th 2016 / Seaman Journey

Jun 10th-13th 2016 / Seaman Journey
The boat trip in the Galapagos was spectacular and Leo, our guide was exceptional – so informative and kind and the boat staff were very attentive and paid great detail to safety but the best part was being greeted by hot chocolate on the return from our snorkelling trips!!  My birthday was perfect – we swam with turtles and sea lions (one of which was playing with my flipper) and saw Galapagos sharks circling in the shallow water where the baby sea lions were on the rocks.  Leo said he had not seen that for two or three years so obviously specially arranged for me!  The staff on the boat  baked me a cake and put balloons up and we danced and had a little party.

Mr. Duncan P.