Family vacations can be consider a different type of vacations if you’re looking to nurture your little ones’… then why not consider a holiday destination with a more experiential adventure?
Ecuador is a privileged country with such a small territory and many spectacular places to visit, is why it is called the land of the 4 worlds. The mountain range that features some spectacular volcanoes some of them still active, the coast with spectacular beaches that invite you to relax, the amazon has wonderful places for outdoor activities and we could not miss the Galapagos Islands that are worldwide known.
Family holidays in the Galapagos let kids get closer to real nature than possibly anywhere else in the world. This isn’t petting animals in a zoo or seeing trained animals performing tricks, what you get in the Galapagos is the real natural world at your fingertips.
Children, as many parents and grandparents can tell you, have a special bond with nature. Their innate curiosity make young minds perfect for learning about the world around them. Here in the remote Pacific location of the Galapagos, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, families can really experience the magic of the natural world.  So just imagine what you and your family might experience in Galapagos?

On a Galapagos family tour, it might be tempting to spend all your time on the beaches or exploring one of the best underwater worlds on the planet. But don’t miss out on checking out the verdant mossy highlands. You’ll come face-to-face with giant tortoises that are so tame they’ll actually come to you. In fact, so many of the natural encounters in the Galapagos are up close and personal – a real treat for the kids!

The highlights of the Galapagos for families are almost never ending. Swim with sea lions, snorkel with turtles, and marvel at the iguanas basking in the sun. When you cruise the Galapagos Islands, it’s not like any other ordinary cruise. This isn’t about buffets, suntans and relaxation – a Galapagos cruise is about exploring one of the most remarkable places on earth. A place that has had a huge global impact on science, nature and history. In fact, you could call it the world’s biggest classroom.

The geographical position of the islands allowed the wildlife on the island to evolve in a completely unique way. In fact, as many people know, it is the clear development of certain traits among species that inspired Charles Darwin to conceive of his theory of evolution in the first instance. And it’s something you can see in action for yourself when you cruise the Galapagos Islands.

As you can see, as you and your family take a vacation in Ecuador and you’ll discover a destination with plenty of excitement and interest. You’ll learn and laugh in equal measure, discovering amazing things about a great culture and amazing people.